X17 Notebook A5 Elastic - Purple

X17 Notebook A5 Elastic - Purple

X17 Notebook A5 Lefa Zwart - 4 katernen

X17 Notebook A5 Lefa Black - 4 booklets

X17 Notebook A5 Lefa Black - 3 booklets

The X17 notebook can be anything you need as a notebook. A diary, travel book, project book, memo book, diary, sketchbook or anything combined. You can easily personalize the notebook by the so-called book-by-book system. That are individual booklets that you can put in it. It is held together with elastic rubber bands.

What makes the notebook unique is the notch that holds the elastic in place. Both the elastic that holds the loose booklets, and the elastic that closes the book.

Lefa is recycled leather. The word is an abbreviation of the German word Lederfaser (leather fibers). Large quantities of edges and scraps are lost in the production of leather articles. These are ground and mixed with natural binders, latex, fatty substances, etc. and rolled out. This creates a new material that has many leather properties but is much cheaper.

- Notebook for 3 booklets
- Material: Lefa
- Color: Black
- 1 x unlined paper 80 grams
- 1 x lined paper 80 grams
- 1 x squared paper 80 grams
- 1 x bookbinder
- Dimensions closed: 14.5 x 21.2 cm - 12 mm thick
- Paper size: 14.2 x 21.0 cm
- Weight: around 250 grams
- Made in Germany
- Leather from Belgium


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X17 stands for an innovative, patented modular book system. And X17 stands for the 17-year warranty that the company gives on the book cover. Sounds incredible, but it's true. When the company had designed, produced and checked the product, they tried to destroy it, but the leather remained intact. Of course everything can go wrong, but then you have to work extremely, but with daily use, the material is indestructible, hence the name X17 (year).
The company was founded by Matthias Büttner, who during his studies dealt with the question: how can I organize myself well, and what do I need for that? After much trying and experimenting, Matthias Büttner patented the X17 system in 2005.

- Article Number: 4260124232886
- Product Number: X17-1-405-2B

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