Paperblanks Mischievous Creatures Brian Froud’s Faerielands Pennen Box

Brian Froud has drawn inspiration from the landscapes of the English moorlands to create an unparalleled body of creative work. He is the genius behind Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. We have reproduced a scene from his 2007 book Brian Froud’s World of Faerie for our Mischievous Creatures cover design.

- Pennen Box
- Sizes: 3 x 22 x 6,5 cm 
- Box for pens and smaller accessoires
- Magnetic closure


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Paperblanks was established in 1992 and has experienced rapid growth worldwide. The notebooks, diaries, address books and guest books are distinguished by the unique covers and designs. They find the inspiration of the covers in visionaries, rebels, artists of all ages around the world. To design a new cover it often takes years through licenses and developments. Every Paperblanks notebook has its own story. Since the first collection Paperblanks issued in 1992, they have grown from a few titles to 40 different series in various formats. They make the paper that Paperblanks uses special and they are still improving. The paper is acid-free and made from sustainable pulp from trees. The binding material is made in Europe and is made from 100% recycled material. It is almost impossible not to find a notebook, diary, address book or guest book that suits you in terms of style or story. Take your time and browse through our collection.

- Article number: 9781439763759

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