Midori TRAVELER`S Brass Clips (10 pieces)

Various refills, accessories and handicrafts are available for the TRAVELER'S Notebook, all of which are numbered.

These are the Midori Traveler’s Brass Index clips to hold paper together or as a bookmark to indicate importance. The set contains 10 compartments, which you can cut out, describe and fit exactly in the index clips. Of course you can use this size if you prefer a different paper.

- Brass Index Clips
- 6 pieces


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The Traveler's Notebooks come from Japan, released under the parent company Midori, but will change to TRAVELER'S Company in 2015, so that TRAVELER'S Notebook fans could find this product more easily.

The power of the TRAVELER'S notebook is not only the beautiful leather cover, but the fact that with all kinds of ingenuity you can adapt the book to your own wishes. The paper and accessories are made with care in Japan. The book looks simple but that is the intention, because it has to be your personal (travel) book. The company has done this by talking to users worldwide and asking about their experiences and wishes. Moreover, by continuing to communicate with users, they hope to create new smart articles. The company is proud of their unique creation, and you can see, feel and notice that when you start using the book. 

The beautiful leather cover is processed and made in Thailand, Chiang Mai. The great thing about the cover is that it is starting to live more and more. It reminds me of my doctor, who has now retired, who opened his large leather doctor's bag at a home visit and you admired it with admiration. That bag had something and now I know. It was that bag, with all those scars, where you could tell that it was alive and something about the experience of the person who used it. Exactly what the purpose of the TRAVELER'S Notebook is. Every scratch, crack and discoloration tells its own story, so that the value will only increase.

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